Xane OCR

Enabling users to extract data from documents using Artificial Intelligence

Client: Xane AI (2022 Project)



OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition1. It is a technology that recognizes text within a digital image. It is commonly used to recognize text in scanned documents and images. The Xane OCR software was designed for companies to enable them to extract text from thousands of documents easily and quickly.

The Objective

To increase the efficiency with which companies can parse through many documents and extract exactly the information they need by creating their own use cases. This software uses Xane’s proprietary AI technology.

My Role:

  • User-Flow mapping
  • Creating the Wireframes
  • Creating the Final Designs

The Problem

It can take hours for users to manually go through documents and extract the information required in an efficient and foolproof manner.

The Solution

A software that uses scans of digital documents and extracts only the information that the user requires.

The Challenge

  • To design a software that makes it easy to create customised use cases.
  • To make the method of mapping pictures to various templates easy.

My Process

User-Flow & Wireframes

There was a client side time constraint while making this project, hence a hybrid between a user flow and wireframe was created to expedite the design process. The image shown below is purposefully not embedded in full resolution to protect the client's details.

The Final Design

The software was created using a very clean and minimal aesthetic keeping in with the brand colours. It manages to show the information required in a precise manner with a clear navigation bar. There was a clear hierarchy required to be shown to make it clear to the users exactly what information is being accessed by them. All the options that are available to the user have also been laid out clearly.



1: Source

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