Project X

Derek O’Brien & Associates - Creating an ecosystem of apps, backend management systems and design content.

Derek O'Brien & Associates (Dec 2020 - Present Project)



Since the product hasn't been released to the public just yet, "Project X" is the representative name for now. This is not a case study but rather talks about what work I did in my 2 years there.

Please feel free to get in touch to discuss the specifics on my role in this project.


Derek O’Brien & Associates is a 30-year-old company with an impeccable track record of making knowledge interesting to help students grow. They are best known for a television show called Bournvita Quiz Contest that was popular in the 90’s in India.

My Role:

  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Illustrations
  • Creative Direction

My Work

I started as a UI designer and eventually my responsibilities grew to lead the design department.

I designed the entire UI for a content based app, which included 30+ games, for a wide target audience. I also made the UI of the product website for the aforementioned app.

Alongside a colleague, I also created two extremely detailed wireframes for the backend of content and personnel management systems for the product.

I was in-charge of creating the entire design language for all design based content. I created and supervised 1500+ illustrations and graphic based content from in-house designers as well as 3rd party vendors. I designed and created the logo for the product.

Hiring for the design team was also under my purview along with organizing sprints to efficiently meet deadlines.

Presenting and defending the designs to all relevant stakeholders was my responsibility as well.

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