Lighthaus Theme

A focused dark colour theme inspired by the striking features of a lighthouse and the calm of the ocean at nighttime

Personal project that is now also used in Bear (2020 Project)



Lighthaus aims to be a palette with a mixture of bright and subdued colors to create a visually balanced theme.

The Objective

To create a universal theme that can be applied to various types of software used by developers all over the world.

My Role:

  • Color Research
  • Building a color theme
  • Guiding the UI for various software during active development

The Problem

Developers stare at computer screens for hours and can get eye fatigue easily. If proper colours are not applied to a code, it can also take much longer to sift through thousands of lines of code.

The Solution

To create a theme that causes minimal to no eye fatigue. Lighthaus aims to provide a balanced contrast between various elements on the screen.

The Challenge

  • As a non-developer, understanding how syntax highlighting works in various different types of software.
  • Creating a balanced and cohesive theme using 20 different colors.

My Process

Color Palette

All colors have a minimum contrast ratio of 4.5 against the background color. As recommended by the WCAG 2.1

The Final Designs

The theme was developed for 32 software (and counting), including the iOS award-winning app Bear. lighthaus-3 lighthaus-4 lighthaus-5

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