Creating a simple app to interface with Open AI's ChatGPT from your phone

Personal Project


Concept Note

Open AI's ChatGPT has taken the world by storm. It was my aim to make it easy for everyone to talk to the AI through a simple messaging app on their phones instead of only using their laptop/desktop devices.

A dark and light theme have been designed. The lamp icon helps the user toggle between the themes. Users will have to input their own api key from the settings using a simple pop-up.

This was a quick and minimal UI exercise and hence the final design screens have been created directly using Material Design 3.

Being developed using Flutter. This will help deploy the app on both Android and iOS.

Concept Screenshots

hal2023-2 hal2023-3

App demo Video

The video shown below is from the beta version of the app being developed. Response and load times vary depending on the load on OpenAI's servers. For demo and development purposes the free API key is being used. Premium plan offers faster response times even during peak server loads.


Please Note: HAL-2023 is an app still in beta stage in terms of design and development. V0.1.0 will be available shortly on GitHub.

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