Creating a visually dynamic app which changes with the weather

Personal Project


Concept Note

The market is flooded with weather apps showing all kinds of features, but does the average person really benefit from maps and graphs being shown on the main screen?

Or would they rather first and foremost see just the information that helps them decide if they need a jacket or not? How much sun protection is required? Is it an umbrella kind of day or sunglasses kind of day?

These are the questions to which FeelsLike wants to answer by being a no-frills, straight to the point weather app with beautiful and crisp visuals at the forefront. Showing you the information you care about the most as easily and visually as possible.

User Flow

A detailed user flow was created.


A through wireframe was created for the onboarding, landing screen and settings.

Work in progress


Please Note: FeelsLike is an app still in beta stage in terms of design and development. V0.1.0 will be available on GitHub down the line.

Attributes: The device render for this project, shown on the Work page, has been sourced from rawpixel.com on Freepik.

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